The Latina Gourmet

Quick,easy & cheap. Magical words!

I'm the Latina Gourmet and I'm going to show how with the Gourmet Cupboard line where you can buy handmade gourmet food mixes at a fraction of store prices. They make perfect gifts too! In love with the line and want to be a distributor? Just let me know!

From PR,raised in NY and now in KY, my husband and I will share how we combine our styles with fun easy recipes with & without Gourmet Cupboard mixes.

Join us now for fun, food and occasional giveaways!


Hello! Thanks for considering The Gourmet Cupboard for your next fundraiser! We would love to share some information with you about our company and about our fundraiser program.

We are a national company that was started in June of 2002. The owners are veteran school teachers and know from first hand experience that organizations are always looking for new items to sell, and items that people will actually use!! Our food mixes will appeal to everyone, from the gourmet cook to the kind of cook that can only boil water! There is something for the person who has a sweet tooth, an entire category for diabetics, meals and soups, and much more!

To get started, both the supplies and shipping are all paid for by our company.

We look forward to hearing from you soon, and would be delighted to help you raise money for your organization.

10 Top Reasons to book your fundraiser with The Gourmet Cupboard:
 We offer great consumable products

 Parents will love you for this one!

 You make 50% commission!

 You continue to make money even after the event

 Children love the products

 Low cost for the buyer

 Everyone loves to eat

 Great earning potential

 Easy to distribute

 And you get ME, to help make sure your fundraiser is a success!

On-Line Fundraisers

With The Gourmet Cupboard, everyone can order from the comforts of their own home with "Online Fundraising". And best of all, your child stays safe at home while collecting orders for his/her cause. All the participant needs to do is give out the website URL/name to anyone and everyone- even to Grandma from out of state or other friends and relatives who live a long distance.

We simply set up your own customized mini web page. Your customers order, enter their payment, and their products are shipped directly to them! Your web page can even include a few pictures of your organization and cause. You are encouraged to also submit some information regarding your group and what the fundraiser is going to help benefit. This helps give your site visitors more reasons to order. If you are tracking which particpant sells the most, there is even a spot for customers to enter their participant's name.

5 Top Reasons to book an on line fundraiser with The Gourmet Cupboard:

 You can send the link to your friends and family who live far away, and it will be delivered right to their door!

 The on-line fundraiser packages are the exact same packages, and they will actually get to view pictures and descriptions of each mix of every single package!

 No chance of paying for a product from someone knocking on your door and never seeing that product. That won't happen this way.

 Parents get tired of bringing their children door to door; not only to retrieve the order, but to later deliver product. Parents can now send out an email instead.

 A candle or gift wrap is not a necessity. Food is.

Click Here to see a sample of our Online Fundraisers and our current fundraiser packages.

Sampling for Fundraisers

If interested in sampling a few of our products, we can send you the following package to sample for only $15.00 plus shipping which is a $24.00+ value. If you decide to book a fundraiser with us, we will gladly deduct the $15.00 from your total order. We reimburse one sample package per each fundraiser group.

Dreamsicle Pie
Mexican Fiesta Dip
Spinach Dip
Mexican Meatloaf
Taco "Soup"reme Soup
Sugar Free Key Lime Pie

Documents for Fundraisers

Fundraiser Letter
Fundraiser Packages
Order Form (Printable)
Fundraiser Preview Product Samples
Cash and Carry Fundraiser
Frequently Asked Questions

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