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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sofrito & The Gourmet Cupboard

Keith and I share cooking duties.  He loves his good ol country food with gravy while I like my island food with cilantro and onions.  Throughout the years he’s learned that if there is sofrito in the house, I can cook just about anything!  Sofrito? You must be wondering...what is that?  Sofrito is a base that is used is almost all Puerto Rican cooking.  It can be store bought but if you live in the country like I do…You make your own!  It’s a hardy robust mixture so it can be freezed and used as needed.  Try freezing them in ice cube trays.  This way you have one serving and don’t defrost what you don’t need. 
There are many different ways to make sofrito.  Some use tomatoes, some use Recao (CULANTRO) and yes there is a difference between


 & Culantro

and Ajices Ddulce (this is what they look like)
For those that can’t find these items they can be left out.  I do and it works just fine for me!
Sofrito Latina Gourmet Style Improvised & Simple
1 Medium head garlic
1Large Onion
½ Bunch of Cilantro (50ish leaves)
1 Medium Green Pepper
Olive oil (a couple of teaspoons would work more if the mix looks too dry)
Oregano leaves, Salt and Pepper
Sofrito for those who have the availability!
1 lb of Ajices Dulces
50 leaves of Recao
50 leaves of Cilantro
2 heads of Garlic
2 big Onions
1 Medium Green Pepper
1 Medium Red Pepper
Olive Oil with Achiote (use 1 envelope Sazon Goya con culantro y achiote as a substitute instead of the Achiote with the Olive Oil)
Oregano leaves
If you want to go old school right now you’ll need a mortar & piston (pilon):

or a modern aged with a food processor…which I never used until my husband made the sofrito with a food processor and it saves so much time on my hands!
Start peeling your garlic and separating the cloves INDIVIDUALLY.  Place aside when done.
Take you onion and chop it up no specific way just roughly chopped up.  Remember the food processor will do the rest.
Do the same with the green pepper.  Now I don’t clean out the inside of the pepper.  I leave it in there for more flavor.
Once you have everything chopped and ready put the olive oil in your food processor and begin to add the ingredients and chop to a coarse puree.  You want to still be able to see the chunks in it.  Place in ice cube trays and freeze and use as needed for cooking or in a bowl.  Freezes well so can be used for several months.  This is your beginning basis for cooking beans, rices, stews, soups…pretty much anything Puerto Rico! 
You’re probably thinking…Now how do you incorporate this with you Gourmet Cupboard meals? 
Here are a few suggestions:
Mexican Meatloaf Mix: instead of adding green chiles and picante sauce how about a couple of teaspoons of sofrito mixed in?  It will definitely give it a different kick! 
Or cook your ground beef with sofrito before adding it your Skillet Lasagna mix for added flavor (We do this all the time and it’s always a winner at our home!)
The possibilities are endless!  Combine some Latina flavor into your Gourmet Cupboard today!  Don’t hesitate and place those orders so you too can feed your family new and exciting foods with a twist! 
For ordering the Skillet Lasagna (layered in a large bag) $6.75 or the Shrimp/Chicken and Rice Casserole $7.00


  1. Sweet blog, literally! Great recipes I'm going to recommend to my latina wife! -D

  2. Please do! The more the merrier! Living in the country makes it hard to have my "homestyle" cooking so I've learned to improvise but still have that flavor of home mixed in. Makes for some interesting dinners sometimes!