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Monday, April 4, 2011

Dip Night!

Had a whole house full of teenagers this weekend and what is the one thing that teenagers like to do most?  EAT!!  While getting their grocery lists to make a run to Wal-Mart for munchies I overheard them talking about chips and dips!  HOLD UP!  I have dip!!  Let me pull out my trusty bag of Mexican Fiesta Dip!  The kids came back from the store with a small tub of sour cream and ate to their hearts content!  It was a total hit with them!  No more need to buy a jar of dip that cost anywhere from $4.00-$5.00.  With one 1 bag mix of Mexican Fiesta Dip and 1 cup of sour cream (.89 cents!) they had enough to go around and enough mix left over for several more batches.  Before they ate it all I was able to snap a shot...ignore the orange bowl! =)
Mexican Fiesta Dip - $5.00
(A mildly spicy blend of flavors, this mix makes 12 (8 oz) dips. Requires 1 cup sour cream or 8 oz cream cheese for each use.)

Trust me...I'm not a dip person and even less of tortilla chips ( I think they're too hard and hurt to eat...yeah I'm a weenie) but this I could NOT stop eating!  

One of the kids liked it so much he told his mom about it and she may let me rent a booth in her shop to sell! YEAH!!

What else can I say?  Gourmet Cupboard is some really amazing mixes and as I try another one I fall in love even more!!  So what are you waiting for?  Email me at The "Latina" Gourmet Cupboard and place your order today!!

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