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From PR,raised in NY and now in KY, my husband and I will share how we combine our styles with fun easy recipes with & without Gourmet Cupboard mixes.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wholesale Ordering/Distributor

Wholesale Ordering

This is the same as being a distributor but you don't have to go out and sell anything unless you want to!  All you need to do is sign up as a distributor and meet your quarterly quota ($200.00 ever 6 months I believe?)  and that's it!  You can purchase all the products you want at my price!!  What a huge savings and in these economical times...who wouldn't want to save a couple of extra dollars?  You could plan out a whole month worth of meals and place youer order and aside from basic staples your set to go!  No running to the store at the last minute trying to figure out what's for dinner?  No ordering fast food or eating junk food when you have all the meals already there in your cupboard at your fingertips.  Once you see what you pay on wholesale versus what you would pay at the supermarket you will be so surprised at the difference and probably wonder why you never did this before!!

Shipped directly to your door and a great variety of mixes?  What else would you need?

All this and  more you with The Gourmet Cupboard. Join as a wholesale distributor and receive the following benefits:

Free signup (first order must be placed within 7 days of approval but can be for anything!  Even one small mix!)

Free mix with every $50 spent

Take advantage of Monthly Specials for even more savings or even join the Mixes of the Month Club!

Contact me at for more information or go to: Wholesale Club/Distributor and fill out the form and email it to me.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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